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Get Figure & Hockey Skate Sharpening at Kootenay Marine

At Kootenay Marine, we want you to be able to enjoy the water no matter what the season! That’s why we offer figure and hockey skate sharpening. We have the tools to properly sharpen your skates so you can perform well out on the ice.

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Skates?

Figure and hockey skate sharpening depends on the person using the skates. Some hockey players sharpen their skates just a few times in a season while others sharpen them right before every game. Your weight and the ice’s sharpness also factor in. Sharpening skates is all about giving the skate a better grip so it can dig into the ice with the skate runners to prevent slipping and sliding. This is why lighter skaters may need more frequent sharpening than heavier skaters. New skates will also need to be sharpened as most skate manufacturers do not sharpen them.

The Importance of Skate Profiling

Profiling your blades is an important part of skate maintenance. Your blade profile helps determine your centre of gravity, which is based off of the blade to ice contact surfaces. A correct centre of gravity will give you better control and performance while out on the ice. We recommend that you profile your skate blades at least once a year or after every ten or twelve sharpening. A good sharpener may alter the blade profile after so many sharpening jobs, but a bad sharpener can change your skates’ whole profiles and cause a significant change in your centre of gravity. A good blade profile means a good centre of gravity which means less chance of falls and injuries. Talk to Kootenay Marine about our skate profiling services.

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