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Trust Our Pros for Inboard & Outboard Boat Engine Repair

Working with All Boat Engine Makes & Models

Boat engine repair requires a professional touch. Whether you have an outboard motor or inboard motor in your boat, Kootenay Marine can provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance. Our years of experience have given us the skills and knowledge needed to handle all makes and models of boat motors.

Outboard Boat Motor

An outboard boat motor is a portable, self-contained engine, gear case, and propeller. This motor is attached to the boat’s transom. An outboard motor is controlled using a tiller or steering wheel that moves the whole motor in order to direct the propeller’s thrust. Conventional outboard motors often come with 2-stroke engines, but more and more engines today are featuring 4-stroke engines.

Inboard Boat Motors

Generally, inboard boat motors are equipped with 4-stroke engines. These motors are mounted inside the hull’s midsection or at the front of the transom. Many personal watercrafts come with 2-stroke engines. For most inboard boats except for personal watercrafts and jet-drive vessels, the steering is controlled by a rudder located behind the propeller.

As you can see inboard and outboard boat motors are complex with unique features and components to each. It takes an expert hand to ensure these motors are working at full capacity. Contact Kootenay Marine in Cranbrook to set up your appointment for inboard and outboard boat engine repair and maintenance.

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